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The Fifth Universe
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About Evil Kitteh Studios

Evil Kitteh Studios is a small, independent creator of original comics, fandom art and local business and eventful graphics in the Pacific Northwest.

Unless attributed to another artist or source, images on this site are the sole property of the maniacal mind of Evil Kitteh Studios’ founder and owner of most things evil, Sean Hall.

Original Art and Mashups

Misc Art

Sep 11, 2018The Bacon Battle
Sep 11, 2018Comic Ads!
Sep 11, 2018Delos Vacations
Sep 13, 2018Annoyance
Sep 13, 2018Soylent Purple-O's
Sep 13, 2018Centaur
Sep 13, 2018Demon
Sep 13, 2018Harpy
Sep 13, 2018Insect
Sep 13, 2018Naga
Sep 13, 2018Zombie
Sep 14, 2018The Priestess II
Sep 14, 2018Strength VIII
Sep 14, 2018The Emperor IV
Sep 14, 2018The Empress III
Sep 14, 2018The Fool 0
Sep 14, 2018The Lovers VI
Sep 14, 2018The Magician I
Sep 14, 2018The Sun XIX
Sep 14, 2018The World XXI
Sep 14, 2018Wheel of Fortune X
Sep 14, 2018Death XIII
Sep 14, 201811th Doctor
Sep 14, 2018Ash
Sep 14, 2018Captain Hammer
Sep 14, 2018Chunk
Sep 14, 2018Civil War
Sep 14, 2018Jigglypuff
Sep 14, 2018Jojo
Sep 14, 2018Jon Snow
Sep 14, 2018Kat
Sep 14, 2018Kiki
Sep 14, 2018Naruto
Sep 14, 2018Princess Leia
Sep 14, 2018Han Solo
Sep 14, 2018Starbuck
Sep 14, 2018Totoro
Sep 14, 2018Drax
Sep 14, 2018Joker/Queen
Sep 14, 2018Rogue
Sep 14, 2018Sad and Baymax
Sep 14, 2018Oogie Boogie
Sep 14, 2018Amethyst
Sep 14, 2018Pearl
Sep 14, 2018Rose Quartz
Sep 14, 2018Garnet
Sep 14, 2018Harry, King
Sep 14, 2018The Fifth Universe

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